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Social Media Marketing Services

Our Social Media Marketing Services Will Help YOUR Business:

Actively ENGAGE with your target audience(s)

RAISE brand awareness

DISTRIBUTE highly targeted and relevant content easily and cost-effectively

Become a THOUGHT LEADER and INFLUENCER and the go-to business in your sector

INCREASE highly targeted inbound traffic and enquiries to your website



Social media marketing should be at the very heart of most businesses’ marketing strategy. Our social media experts will help you make the best use of relevant social channels to maximise your businesses social media marketing wharever sector you are in. Our social media marketing services always begin with a social media marketing audit to assess your current social media marketing and then come up with a social media strategy to use the most effective methods to reach and engage your target audience.

Social Media Channels We Work With Include:


Twitter is a great social media channel for lots of companies. Posting regular links to your content, relevant news stories, connecting with relevant users and using the correct hashtags are all great ways of giving your Twitter account momentum and gaining lots of relevant followers.


Did you know that Facebook has 1.59 billion users across the world? That makes it the largest blend of demographics of any social platform and makes it an awesome platform for many businesses to engage with their target market(s). Offering both organic and paid options, paid advertising with Facebook is particularly effective thanks to the fact it has excellent targeting options to ensure your ads reach only your target audience.


 Linkedin is one of the most effective social media channels for B2B businesses. Linkedin enables you to connect with business professionals in your target market(s) by filtering them by industry, job title etc. Effectively sharing content, cultivting conversations and joining relevant groups are great ways of building your brand and becoming the go-to business in your sector.


Google+ is Google’s answer to social media. Whilst it may not be the most popular social media channel in the UK, Europe or the world, it can be a useful tool for businesses. Google+ allows you to share updates, videos, be followed and get reviewed and segement your contacts into ‘circles’. Good for some types of business, it is overlooked by many businesses and can be a good way of differentiating your brand.


We’ll be honest with you, Instagram isn’t for all businesses. Like Pinterest it’s most effective if you are in a very visually based sector as it is primarily a photo sharing platform. That means that it’s great for lots of businesses in fashion and media but not so great if you recruit in heavy engineering.


Like Instagram, Pinterest is primarily a visually based social media platform which means that it’s better suited to some businesses rather than others. We’ll help to assess its suitability to your business when coming up with your social media strategy.

Implementing Your Social Media Marketing Strategy


Once we have audited your current social media activity we’ll come up with an effective social media strategy for your business that utilises the relevant social channels for your target market(s). We will employ several tactics to help build your social brand that may include content creation, promotion and curation, regular status updates, outreach, customer engagement native content, Q&As and competitions. As well as organic social promotion for your business, we can also set you up and manage paid campaigns which can really help you zero-in on your target audience(s).

Your Social Media Marketing Options



Unlike some other digital marketing agencies, we don’t offer rigid ‘packages’ when it comes to social media. This is because every business is different and if we are to use social media marketing effectively with your business and zero in on your target audience, a bespoke social media marketing strategy is needed. Different businesses will find that certain social channels work better than others, some finding that focusing on one is best whereas others find that an integrated social media strategy is better utilising multiple social channels. We’ll discuss with you what you want, who your target market are and come up with a plan to suit your digital marketing budget.

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