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SEO burnleyAre you looking to maximise your sales online for your business in Burnley? SEO by Yango SEO and Digital Marketing is the most effective way of driving new business and helping your business grow. Our Burnley SEO services encompass a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that will ensure your business gets higher rankings on Google and converts more website visitors into valuable leads and sales.

Wherever you are in the Burnley area, from Padiham and Brierfield to Nelson and Rosegrove, we’re here to help you drive your business onwards and upwards through our excellent and comprehensive Burnley SEO services.

3 Benefits of Our SEO Burnley Services

RANK HIGH for the keywords that YOUR potential clients and customers are searching for

Extensive keyword research is the foundation of all good SEO campaigns. Thankfully, this is what our Burnley SEO experts are good at! We will search through a whole host of keyword data to ensure that we know EXACTLY what your potential clients and customer are searching for. From this, we can start our work on ranking your website by various Google friendly tactics such as technical improvements to your website and its copy and building high quality and relevant links to your site. This will put you at a SIGNIFICANT ADVANTAGE to the vast majority of your competitors

DRIVE MORE traffic to your website

Once we know and understand what your target audience is searching for, we will optimise your Google search listings to ensure that your website is the one that they click on when presented with search results. Once again, the vast majority of your competitors will not be doing this and even if they are, they will almost certainly not be doing it as good as they could be.

CONVERT visitors to LEADS and SALES

Our SEO work for your Burnley business doesn’t end there. Once we have driven highly targeted visitors to the website, we will then work to convert them into valuable leads and sales. We’ll optimise the copy on your website, your calls to action and the design itself in conjunction with your web designers to ensure that your website is converting as well as it can be.

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