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What services do we offer?

Recruitment Agency Web Design

We produce stylish, modern, responsive and SEO optimised websites that are designed to convert visitors in valuable clients and candidates. They're designed to be easy for your to use and maintain too.

SEO For Recruitment Agencies

Where do people search for everything these days? Google? Our SEO services will help you rank for the exact keywords your potential clients and candidates are searching for.

Content Marketing For Recruitment Agencies

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by becoming a thought leader in your sector. We can produce articles, blogs and infographics to be published on your website, Linkedin or trade press.

Social Media for Recruitment Agencies

You may be using social media, but are you using it right? We can help manage your social media, helping to increase the visibility of your recruitment business with valuable potential clients and candidates.

More Clients

Recruitment is one of THE most competitive industries. Our marketing services for recruitment agencies will help differentiate you from your competitors in front of potential clients and help your business flourish and grow.

Better Candidates

Clients judge you on the quality of your candidates. Through the integrated use of one or more of our SEO, social media or content marketing strategies, we will ensure you have the calibre of candidates you need to help your business grow.

Bigger Profits

More clients + better candidates = bigger profits. Our integrated approach to your marketing will help you become the go-to recruitment agency in your sector, creating a demand for the services you and your agency offer.

About Us

Recruitment is tough. We know, we've been there, we've been recruitment consultants and understand just how competitive it is. Whatever sector of recruitment you're in, you need to be actively marketing both for new clients and customers ALL the time, as they are the lifeblood of your business. That's why you need to use Yango's recruitment marketing services. In today's digital world, it is no longer enough to concentrate your efforts on just one area of marketing. Effective marketing is about taking an integrated approach, that combines the traditional with the innovative, which is why we offer a full range of content, social media, SEO and digital marketing services as well as web design. Recruitment agencies who want to grow need to effectively utilise the latest marketing methods alongside tried and tested strategies and we're here to help you with all of it.

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recruitment telephone calls

Business Development

Recruiters! The Most Important Part Of Any Business Development Call Takes Place Before You Even Pick Up The Phone…

Posted By Scott Brerton

When I’ve conducted training courses in telesales and business development both in the recruitment industry and others, one of the biggest mistakes I found that people were making was that they took a haphazard approach to developing new business. It’s often not entirely their

recruiters stop doing these SEO techniques


6 SEO Techniques You Need to Stop Doing NOW!

Posted By Scott Brerton

Link Building by article submission
One good way of identifying somebody who knows absolutely nothing about search engine optimisation is if they menton article submission as a good way of getting backlinks. OK, it might have been a good idea 10 years ago, but

man who is an idiot

Web Design

Recruiters: Why your website should treat its visitors like idiots…

Posted By Scott Brerton

“Treat our valuable clients and candidates like idiots? Are you mad? We treat every single one of our potential clients and candidates with the utmost respect and offer them an astounding service!”
And so you should. But when these people are visiting your website,

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